Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yet more games from Game

So today I had to pop to a local village to collect a package from the Post Office and whilst there I popped into Gamestation which also has drastically reduced prices and whilst in there I picked up yet more stuff.

This time I bought:
Wii Play Motion+ with the Motion Plus Wii remote - £17.98
Little King's Story - £1.98
Guilty Gear Core - 98p
Trauma Center: Second Opinion - 98p
Alone in the Dark - £1.98
Prince of Persia - £1.98

I was really pleased with the top two as been after them for a while and the other four games I thought I would check out at that price and if no good I'll just trade them in.


  1. More great bargains I see :). LKS for that price is just madness. Then again, any of those games selling for 98p are just absolute steals. I saw Madworld going for 48p! Also picked up Fragile but unfortunately, it was STILL £17.99 so I left it :(

  2. I'm really looking forward to playing LKS, heard such great things about it.

    I saw Madworld for 48p, crazy that you can buy games for less than a packet of crisps. Some of the games are still a bit pricey even with the reductions.

  3. Wow! I go away for a bit and what do I find when I come back? You've bought about 100 games from Game :P Seriously, though, that price for Little King's Story is AMAZING -- especially for such a great game. Hope you like it as much as I have.

  4. I had the chance to buy LKS for £5 a few months ago but passed on it for some reason. I regretted it soon after as I read tons of comments on how great it was and have been looking for it ever since.

    Think I might play it after I've played and completed The Last Story.