Thursday, 22 March 2012

Gamestation purchases

The sun was shining today so I thought I would take a wander through the town to enjoy the rays and ended up popping into Gamestation on my walk and came out with the following:

Ghost Squad for the Wii - £1.98
Resident Evil 4 for the Wii - £3.91 (I had some points to use)
1000 Wii points - £4.99

Been after Ghost Squad for a while so really pleased with that. Also been after Resi for a while, both to play and also for the top 100 Nintendo list and finally the points so that I can get some games from the Virtual Console.

All in all a good wander in the sun.


  1. More great bargains :). I picked up both of those myself in the past few months and haven't played either yet. Resi 4 I completed 8 times on the 'cube anyway so it's no rush and Ghost Squad...I'm still kicking myself for not trying the arcade version when I saw it a couple of years ago on holiday :(

  2. I think I've completed Resi 4 on the Cube about four times now, such a great game. Think I'll probably wait until next year to play through the Wii version.

    I gave Ghost Squad a test and seems alright, might play it after finishing Disaster: Day of Crisis.