Monday, 19 March 2012

Must stop going in Game

To be fair I did have to go into Game today as I needed to swap Disaster: Day of Crisis for a working copy as I couldn't get the first disc to work. Whilst standing at the counter I noticed that they had Guitar Hero on Tour for the DS, game and peripheral pack for just 98p.

Could not resist at that price.

It's in great condition including the stickers which are unused and plays like a charm. Even if it didn't have the stickers and instructions I couldn't really complain for jst 98p.


  1. That certainly cannot be avoided, I'd buy it just for the odd accessory. I got Monster Hunter Elite on PSP today for £3, hopefully its worth it. They still seem to have crazy prices like £30+ for preowned titles, but you can get them brand new for less elsewhere! They never change...

  2. I noticed some of those PSP prices, absolutely crazy. People on the RG forum were hoovering them up.