Monday, 26 March 2012

The situation at Game, pt 4

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that there wasn't an update on Game yesterday, that's because up until yesterday everything was just rumours and today we were going to get official news, well sadly that news is not good.

This morning Game officially entered administration resulting in upcoming store closures resulting in potentially thousands of job losses.

There is still a slim chance that someone may step in and purchase the entire company but the more likely scenario may be numerous companies stepping in and stripping Game of its best assets. Either way the future is now looking very bleak for the future of Game.


Well a lot has happened since my original post early this afternoon and all of it horrendous news.

Shortly after I hit publish on the post the first stores started to close and continued through out the day resulting in 277 closures and an astonishing 2,104 job losses, absolutely terrible news for the staff. Five of those stores were near me, three that I really was not surprised about but two of them were in towns where it will be a big blow to the area. One of the stores was not that far from me and was a store where I picked up a fair bit of stuff and was slowly getting to know the staff.

Along side the store closures and job losses both the Game and Gamestation websites shut down and Game also announced that they were pretty much suspending anything and everything to do with reward cards, gift cards, returns/exchanges, pre-orders and pre-owned meaning that effectively or you can do in a game store is buy a game,

All in all it's been a horrible day for Game staff and for the UK economy.

A full list of the store closures can be found here:

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