Thursday, 8 March 2012

Haul from the Game sale

Well, it looks like it's the beginning of the end for game with the huge pre-owned sale that they started yesterday. I was planning to do a post about the situation at Game in the near future so I won't go into that here, what I will go into is the games that I picked up in the sale today.

I picked up five games today for less than a tenner which were Disaster: Day of Crisis, Trauma Center: New Blood and Cursed Mountain. All for the Wii and all £1.98 each. I also picked up WET (£2.98) and Prey (98p) for the 360.

So all in all, not a bad day for bargains. Shame it had to be at the possible expense of a company collapsing.


  1. I remember paying the full £40 for Disaster back on release and loved it so I'm sure you'll enjoy it too especially when you've only paid a few quid for it. I've got Cursed Mountain and the Trauma Centre game too but have to confess I've never played either.

    Crazy prices on those 360 games too. Couldn't find much of interest on the PS3 (that wasn't manky/battered anyway) myself but I'm sure there are some mega bargains still out there.

  2. I saw Disaster once last year for £3 but was unsure so left it, since then I've read more about it and couldn't really turn it down at just under £2.

    Cursed Mountain got decent reviews at the time so looking forward to playing that and have been after WET since before Christmas so was also pleased with that.