Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Last Story

The Last Story was released over a week ago but thanks to HMV online I didn't receive mine until the Tuesday after release. On the one hand I wasn't too fussed as I'm still playing other stuff but on the other hand people were receiving it a lot earlier, some receiving it before release, and I was getting a little envious as I'd pre-ordered the limited edition.

The limited edition version was only £3 dearer than the normal edition so I had to pay the little extra and what I received was the normal edition, a steel case, an art book and a seven track CD all wrapped inside a nice box. The art book and CD are also packaged inside a blue box.

Overall it's a nice set and I'm glad that I paid the extra, now I just need to find time to play the game.


  1. Looks great! Love the packaging on this one. Anyway, can't wait to hear what you think of the game. I'm still on the fence about it myself...

  2. Awesome! I just found out the game will be getting a USA release as well. I'll be pre-ordering it just like Xenosaga.

  3. @Bryan: I'm currently playing Mario Galaxy but plan to play Last Story afterwards. I'm not hearing great things so far in all honesty but will let you know.

    @Reggie: It's good that the US are getting it along with Xenoblade Chronicles.

  4. What a coincidence - I'd just took snaps of mine for my blog :). It is a nice set though I don't 'get' having the regular game case as well as a steelbook case. A lot of games do it these days for some bizarre reason.

    I'm around 11 hours into the game now and I'm loving it. You've got your usual JRPG sidequests and roaming around locations but it all feels much more linear and streamlined so you can have the traditional RPG stuff without getting overwhelmed by massive maps. The very British voice over is also brilliant!

  5. Yeah, I would have thought that the steelbook case would have been an alternative to the normal box, not an extra.

    I do like both versions though so I'm not complaining.

    I'm currently playing Mario Galaxy so once I've finished that I'm going to move onto Last Story.