Thursday, 1 March 2012

Retro Gamer Issue 100

I just want to say a big congratulations to everyone involved with Retro Gamer magazine for reaching the big 100.

In the modern age of the internet, Kindles, Ipads etc it takes a special something for a printed magazine to reach 100 issues and Retro Gamer is something special.

I received my subscriber copy today and despite only having a quick flick through there is a lot of stuff that I want to read which includes articles about the Spectrum, Sonic, Tetris, 100 classic gaming moments and a look at the US videogame industry crash of 1982-1984.

Alongside all of that the people at RG have reprinted issue one, all the way back from 2004, giving readers who missed out first time round the chance to read where it all started.

With the double header of issue 1 and 100 now would be the perfect time to start reading the Retro Gamer magazine.

Here is to another 100 issues.


  1. I've been eagerly anticipating the 100th issue of Retro Gamer for months now. I wasn't there from the beginning (I believe my first issue was Load 88) but I've adored this magazine since the first issue I've picked up and read. Congrats are highly in order.

  2. My first issue was 85 (Secret of Mana cover) so haven't been reading it that much longer then yourself.

    It is a damn fine magazine.

  3. I couldn't find the issue (or even the mag) in my local WHsmith today. Maybe I'm too late. I did find a massive magazine called Retro. And I also looked in a mag called Nintendo Gamer, pretty decent mag, it was nice to see them supporting other consoles with a feature on a Skyrim Zelda mod.

  4. Which WHS did you go to?

    I was in the Northumberland Street one this afternoon and they had about six copies.

    They had none on Monday after selling out.

    1. Oh I was just in the smaller central station one. I'll have to take a look later. Cheers